Football 2017 – 2020

2017- 2020 (up to March 2020) – sessions were organised during the year.

Football 2016

Sessions for 14-25 yr olds were organised at Soccer city venue and Moor Park school sports hall.  For information on current sessions, see our ‘Whats New’ section.


Football at Preston College 2015



Football 2015

Football coaching will re-start during September 2015.

Football 2012

The club ran coaching sessions as part of the 2012 Games and Guild project, when over a dozen young people attended the sessions.

Junior Football Coaching Sessions 2011

Having disbanded the football teams the previous year, the club is rebuilding the squad, in order to develop teams again to enter competitions. This year, this began with coachign sessions at West View, where 15 young people attended sessions.

Junior Football Coaching Sessions 2010

Coaching for 11 to 15 year olds was run in Avenham.

Fifteen young people participated.

Junior Football Coaching Sessions 2009

A highly successful coaching programme was held at the Penwortham Playing Fields, where sixteen young boys took part in coaching sessions.

Football coaching – Disabled young people 2009

The club embarked on a new initiative following research that it undertook, which showed that disabled people, in particular young disabled people, often had lower levels of sporting participation, especially during after schools hours.

As a result of this, the club teamed up with Preston Panthers Disability sports club and Sir Tom Finney High School and organised football coaching for disabled young people during after school hours.

A total of twelve young disabled people took part.

Coaching Sessions Jan – Mar 2008

The club organised coaching sessions for young people and attracted over 20 people.