Celebrate 25 Project

The Celebrate 25 project was undertaken to identify and showcase 25 individuals from Preston and surrounding areas who have made a significant impact in their lives and could act as role models for others in the city and beyond.

The following are the people (in no particular order):

Nick Park

Sir Tom Finney

Nazia Mogra

Leo Baxendale

Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff

John Inman

Richard Arkwright

Ranvir Singh

Tupele Dorgu

Fiona Armstrong

Roy Barraclough

Zara Glover

Tom Benson

Joseph Livesey

Helen Clitheroe

Edith Rigby

Franz Carr

Peter Purves

Clarke Carlisle

Dick, Kerr Ladies Football Team

Mark Lawrenson

Scott Fitzgerald

Edmund Robert Harris

Ian McCulloch

Johnny Sullivan