Parent Questionnaire Results

Place of birth
South Asia 8
England 2
Q1. At what age did you start playing cricket?
Age 5 1
Age 6 1
Age 7 3
Age 8 4
Over 8 yrs 1
Q2. Who introduced you to play cricket?
Parent/Guardian 4
Brother 2
Sister 0
Friend 4
Other 0
Q3. Did your friends play cricket?
Yes 8
No 2
Q4. Did India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka playing test cricket increase your interest in cricket?
Yes 9
No 1
Q5. Do you think cricket is more popular amongst asain people in Pakistan/India/Sri Lanka or here in England?
South Asia 10
England 0
Q6. Why did they think it is popular in South Asia ?
(could answer more than one reason)
It is the national sport 6
Relatively cheap to play 2
Good role models 3
Way out of poverty 2
Q7. Did they think asian youngsters were as interested in cricket as they were?
Yes 4
No 6
Q8. Why did they think cricket was important to asian people
It is a national sport
Have national teams and people want to play for them
Lot of coverage on media
Brought up with the sport from a young age
Q9. Any other comments
Cricket has been played longer than most sports in south asia.
Passion still strong in this country, you can see it when India play Pakistan.