The ‘Sport Unites’ Project

Much has been written about the First World War and the sacrifices that were made by many people. However, less has been written about the role that sport had in the UK and amongst the soldiers abroad during the war years.

November 2014 marked one hundred years since the end of World War One and members of Red Rose Sports Club discussed what the role of sport was during the War. The result was the development of the ‘Sport unites’ project.

Sport Unite Project

Sport Unites Project

“To explore the impact the First World War had on sport and sporting events, particularly cricket and football.”

The outputs of the project were:

  • Twenty five people complete a questionnaire assessing their knowledge of the War and the role of sport.
  • Learning sessions delivered to increase awareness of the sport during the War.
  • Analysis and re-enactment of the Christmas Day Truce football match.
  • Production of publicity materials of the project.